Thursday, September 3, 2009

Italian Lugged Steel

Every bike has a story. Less now than it used to be, but I guess that is the way many things have turned.

Before I was a bike slut I knew that a friend of mine was once stationed in Sicily during his stint in the Navy. It was there that he used to be a criterium racer on the weekends (I would assume). It was the mid 80's when Tom decided to buy a new Italian race bike.

Enter Detto Pietro. Produced in a small shop in Milan, Italy, Detto Pietro started producing quality bikes in 1895. Nearly ninety years later the lugged steel Italian beauty was purchased, raced, and slowly, over time, faded in the owners mind because of the priority shift that hits us all more than a few times in our short lives.

Twenty years later I became the previously mentioned bike slut...with pride. After the Giro d'Italia this year, I became interested in the obsession the Italians have with the biciclette. The weather, scenery and roads made cycling in Italy my favorite adventure so I started researching the history of professional cycling beyond my current knowledge base. I learned that restoring old bikes was profitable, especially if they are Italian Lugged steel frames with complete Campagnolo component groups. Even more so if they are actual race bikes. Vintage classics sounded like a great hobby for me because working on bikes is a hobby of mine. Making money off them would be difficult because I am... a bike slut.

After contacting my friend Tom, I headed out to his house for a beer and a peek at the bike that I knew needed attention. The DP Pantographed Anza Polare F.I.L. ended up coming home with me under the condition that I would not sell it. Here are some photos of it when I got it back to the shop. Notice the abundance of dust and a minimum amount of rust.

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