Monday, June 29, 2009

Giro d'Italia 2009

My efforts to plan the Nelson 90 quickly took a back seat to a new opportunity. Having considered a cycling vacation for a few years, it seemed slightly out of reach. That is until an acquaintance made it known that he was going to the Giro on a Trek Travel Tour. Very little arm twisting was required, tickets were purchased and the new bathroom at the cabin would be put on hold along with the Nelson 90.

Trek Travel puts on one hell of a gig. Although the main office planning was a bit vague for the money put forth, the guides and the experience made up the slack. Leanne, Christian and Jake, you have my respect and admiration. Unbelievable guides in a Grand Tour setting makes the trip of a lifetime. No... Wait. That is such a cliche. I can't call it a trip of a lifetime because it was SOOOO good, that I will have to do it again! If there is any way to request the three individuals you see below for a Trek Travel Adventure, do it!

To Hans and David, thanks for letting me tag along. What fantastic group all around. I managed to see all the cycling greats of the modern age.

Lance, sure!

Levi, of course.

But did you know about Carlos Sastre,

Jens Voigt,

Dave Zabriski (DZNuts)

and Ted King? Yes, Ted King! An American in Italy working for my man Carlos. Instant respect. Well Done Ted, Well Done!

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