Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bikes, Beer and... Babes?

This is rediculous. Blogging is not that easy when your personality doesn't give a shit. Arguably the worst season, no, make that the first season where I went backwards in progress. It hurts the ego. After letting the season die, I decided to take a brake and recharge.
What does a guy do in an extended offseason? Brew beer I guess.
What did you expect, that I would actually get to editing the videos from the 24/9 or the Chequamegon. Yes I wore my helmet cam and would like to get to both video segments, but until I get a video compatibility problem fixed and find the time to edit it, I think it will wait. Adobe Premiere Pro does not like the audio on the camera file. I would assume that audio would be good and if you know me and video editing, I will not just put the raw file on the internet. Some day I might get to it, but until then, I have rekindled an old passion...brewing. I have pictures to post soon.

For those of you wondering, my buddy is doing fine after thyroid cancer surgery. It was fun to see him and long overdue.

Brew on until you can Ride on. Babes will have to wait.