Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Blog This

Who has time? Time shows no mercy. I was at the Seeley Lions Pre-Fat race in Seeley Wisconsin talking to Ron Raymond and he suggested that there should be an award for people with jobs and families because we never have time to train like the ones winning. I thought it was a valid point until they called his name up on the Podium. Then I realized that I wouldn't win that award either. Then again, why should he win it if he can get on the podium and has a job and family? Oh well, I am okay with the fact that I am an average Mountain Biker. I did finish in the top half in the Expert Class. It was a very rough and satisfying race. Coming off a week straight at the cabin, it is a wonder I even finished.

My son entered the Cub Race and had little boy tip over on him at the start. He was dead last, even behind a trike. Teetering on the edge of tears, "suck it up and catch them" exited my mouth while giving him a push start. He impressed me that day by doing a great job at fighting back, passing many before the short race finished. Pride.

Back to the lack of blogging time. So much has happened, it seems pointless to go through it all.

I golfed in my work related event and my back managed to stay in. All the same, I visited the chiropractor the next morning after too much to drink. I had to finish packing with a serious hangover and then it was off to 24/9. I will post details, video and pictures when I have the time to get it done.

Another post I want to do is the Rock Lake Cluster and the taking of Mr. Kay's ear. Good stuff.

I built a mini ramp in the workshop. Sort of an afterthought to the skateboard I bought my son for his birthday. That would make a nice blog as well.

The Cheq 40 is approaching fast and that will be another post if I don't break my leg on the mini ramp. I'll be back soon...

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Jonathon Delf said...

Matt, the same is true for running. I wish there was more time to train, but the obligations of one's family, job, and other interests makes training a challenge. I guess that's why we all like the Tuesday night rides. There is always a chance to ride with others in similiar situations as us. Pretty much everyone has the same obligations as we do and cannot train daily. Oh, and Mark Bittner also shows up to lift the pace drop riders in the first couple of miles (Sorry Bittner!).