Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Two Races Down

The Cable Area Off Road Classic is usually a race I look forward to. This spring it was met with anticipation as the first race, but that was mixed with dread because I was not in the shape I was in in Mid-March. I finished 8 minutes slower than last year. That is an eternity considering I would have liked to shave 3-5 minutes off the previous time. There is little consolation in the fact that everyone seemed to go a bit slower this year.

I was a techno geek on the start line, trying to get my new Vholdr camera dialed in, and fumbling with the Garmin GPS. I still have not had time to upload the video I took of the race. When I do figure it out, I will post a bit of the footage.

The first WORS race of the season for me was #3 in Wausau at 9-Mile. I loaded up my new race rig Karma (see photo) for a late departure on Saturday. Leaving great weather was not good for my kids, but it was also good for racing. Just over two hours on the road and I met Mr. Kay for a pre-ride. He was racing with his three boys, brother in law and nephew Long Hair. Bobby T also made the trip for is first MTB race in about ten years.

It was a fast course....too fast. Ron and I must have missed the rock garden. Over dinner with the Kay Klan, I was convinced of this. Back at 9-Mile, Karma proved to be an excellent rig for camping. I am not sure I have slept that well in a while. Two vehicles down was another Westy, camping with his family. Brian and I had a chat about the VW's and how much fun they were. I was now more confident in my purchase/investment.

Once the race started, I quickly found Mr. Kay ahead of me as usual. I contemplated letting him stay there but the competitive nature got the best of me. On the first real climb, Kay's single speed lagged a bit and I passed him.... immediately regretting it. Settling into my mid race complacency, I was passed by Russell, and knew that Kay would be sucking his wheel. A quick glance back at the end of lap two confirmed my suspicions. That look was enough to boost me I guess and a 36 minute lap yielded me only 30 seconds on Kay. I think if he would have been on a geared bike he would have toasted me.

Speaking of toast. Long Hair Kay roasted the Comp Class for geared bikes. Nice Job out there!

The photo of the start is Bobby T's race. He finished in good shape despite leaving a bit of blood on the trail. Welcome back Bob!

Thanks to Twin Six for chatting with me. I wear your apparel proudly fellas. See you at the 24-9 Ryan and Brent.

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