Monday, May 26, 2008


Motivation is a fickle mistress.

My good friend Bobby T says that Mother Nature is a fickle mistress, and I agree, however reading the KNW blog on THE WELL has made me realize that there are many fickle mistresses.

After an eventful but unproductive spring for cycling, it is difficult to get back into the saddle...consistently. I watched my weight go up by eight pounds. My diet is more "carefree". Time spent with the kids is more deserving. Work is more demanding. The weather has been for shit...The list goes on. It is time to get back on that horse, cast away the depression, the doubt and the excuses. Ride or get ridden.

MAY 06, 2oo8

I planned out a brutal course for 5 of us, hilly enough to make us hurt a bit, but I never planned on wind that nearly blew us off the road. We normally start riding into the wind, so I was fortunate that the wind was in the right direction for this ride. Supercrash brought a first timer, and although I was quite doubtful at the start, Brian gave me a lesson in judgement. It was 50 miles of wind and hills before he showed signs of weakness. Now, we don't have mountains, just hills that are short and steep. This picture by Supercrash shows Brian at his breaking point that day. I had plenty of pain in my legs at this point so the photo is by no means a shot at Brian, merely of him.

This was also the first day on a new ride. I decided sell my Trek 2100 because the geometry was different than my Cervelo Soloist. The logical choice was another Cervelo, this time the Team aluminum. After buying a complete bike, I needed to swap parts to make it the way I wanted. Other than the seat, it was a great first day on it. There have been a few adjustments since that time, but nothing major. Cervelo makes a great bike in my opinion.

The Cable Area Off Road Classic kicked my unconditioned butt recently. I have video that I would like to post, but it all takes time. Next time....right? Here is to Scope, off to Japan for two weeks. May you find a bike, good fast sleep and warm sake at your beck and call my friend.

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Carlito’s Way said...

dig that setup. hot bike. good seeing you at 9 mile. Go Pittsburgh!