Monday, April 14, 2008

An American In Meriden

Greetings from Meriden, England.

15 hours worth of travel and I am finally able to lay down and rest. True, it is not as bad as traveling to Japan, as Scope can attest to, but it is a long day for me. I managed a few hours of sleep on the plane to Amsterdam, and fought the urge to sleep the rest of the day in the UK, hoping to collect lost sleep from about 8pm on. The body clock is a funny instrument. Doesn't care where you are, or what your doing. Time is the only thing that can right the ship. At 12am UK time, I awoke feeling right as rain. That is 6pm Wisconsin time, I realized that it is EXTREMELY important that I fall back to sleep for the rest of the night. I have been in this position a few times before and forced myself to shut everything out and sleep. It took an hour, but I then tacked on another 5 hours of sleep. Nice.

Perhaps it was the meal at The Bulls Head that helped me rest. Perhaps it was the two pints of fine English beer. I do love the ale's in local pubs. So much for training.

In my cab ride to the hotel, I passed a cycling group of about 15 riders with a few falling off the back. Made me wish I had brought my ride, but there really is no time for it. With temperatures forecasted in the 50-60 range at home, I can only joke that I am putting on weight for long spring rides. The Manor Hotel is home for the next four days.