Sunday, March 23, 2008

Outside and In

Riding at this time of the year is always a bit frustrating. The excitement to get outside is always a driving force on nice days, which typically fall during the work week. Last weekend was the exception. Saturday and Sunday were mirror images of each other. Close to 40 degrees and very little wind. Three of us went out on Saturday for a quick 25 miles, and seven of us managed to get out for 47 miles on Sunday. It is always nice to have numbers out on the road this time of year. Drafting is warmer, cars can see a pack easier and it is nice to talk with everyone during rotations. This time of year though, people are excited to ride, but not usually in peak shape. After the first 30 miles on Sunday's ride, we were reminded that the spring is for base mileage, logging hours in the saddle and conversation when late in the ride there were three groups instead of one. Time will bring us back together I assume, but you never know, family and work take away from each persons devotion to the bike in their own special way.

Easter weekend (this weekend) was a different story. Temperatures hovered just at or below my 35 degree limit with winds a bit higher than I would like. I decided to do some power work of the trainer and push my legs a bit. Good Friday I took it easy, riding a 15 minute warm up and an interval course that takes just over a half an hour. Saturday I pushed it much more. After a short warmup, I rode a virtual course up Mont Ventoux in France, a climb that takes just over an hour. 12.8 miles up an average slope of 8.4%, with a max gradient of 14.8% totaling 5,587 feet of elevation gain. After that I did a 10 mile course of flat, steady pace work.

I had plans to do that again this morning, but I did not feel very good. Ended up scrapping the idea of riding all together. Instead I washed vitamins down with Guiness Extra Stout. After three days straight of forgetting to eat lunch, I think my body was upset with me. The forecast is for 40's and the Minnesota Wild are barely holding onto first place in their Division. Riding outside is quite appealing right now.

Almost forgot; Friday we drove through a blizzard to go to Eau Claire for some shopping. Stumbled upon a Bontrager RaceXLite 53/39 crankset for 99 dollars. This is one of only 5 cranksets that will work with a Cinqo Power Meter that are set to be released in April. Just maybe this will all come to fruition. I will write more about it later...

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