Sunday, March 9, 2008

Endless Winter

Ahh, the new daylight savings time (DST). Four weeks of extra sunlight. While the verdict is still out on this topic, I love it. Way to go Department of Energy. A simple clock change can save up to 100,000 barrels of oil every day and increase the hours to ride a bike early and late in the season.

That may not apply this season however. It seems that winter will never end. The snow on the trails will not melt until the temps moderate. Two nights ago it was around -20 degrees F. That is not typical March weather. Riding on the roads is not even an option for me when it is below 35 degrees, mostly because I have a great indoor trainer that makes riding outdoors in that type of junk pointless, but also because it is harder to get others to go for a ride. It is also questionable in terms of time before it gets dark. Even the DST is not quite enough during the week for a long ride after work this early. I guess there is always snowboarding if it warms up. Turns are tough to learn on ice for the little man.

My son has it all worked out. He rides in the driveway, but the ice under the blanket of snow causes him to fall if he goes too slow. At least he is learning how to fall properly. Like me, he can't wait to ride mountain bike. He wants to earn more medals in the WORS kid races.

If somehow I could get my daughter riding mountain bike (probably in a Princess Dress) and my wife to run in the WORS Trail Runs, then we could all enjoy something together, but that is not likely. It is not something I will push for, but with every day there is fresh hope of a spontaneous shift in the MO of the ladies.

Pavel and I are off to the WILD game today. We need some serious points or we will be out of the playoffs faster than you can say Marian Gaborik. The team is not firing on all cylinders and it is really starting to get on my nerves. We always seem to lack grit at the end of the season.

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The Voice said...

Maybe you should take up cross country skiing.