Wednesday, March 12, 2008

46 Degrees...A heat wave!

A friend called me Monday night and asked if we would go riding Tuesday after work because it was supposed to be warm. I turned him down, half regretting it when I hung up. Fortunately, Mark (aka SuperCrash as named by my kids) is a tenacious animal. At 5pm on Tuesday he called me at the office and said, "If I get to your house by 5:40 will you go?" A quick check of the temperatures on the Internet confirmed that it was indeed 46 degrees outside. Plenty Warm, I'm In. When I got home I quickly called Ron (aka Sandbagger) and Bobby T. Ron was in but Bob was out. Fair enough. Ron started from his house and had logged a few miles before we met him a mile from my place.

The pavement felt good but surprisingly rough after hundreds of miles on a stationary trainer and coasting on downhill sections was remembered as entertaining. The wind was light but again, surprisingly strong compared to the guest bedroom fan that offers no resistance. Still, it was a ride in the spring time sun on dry paved roads. Seventeen miles is no epic ride, but it was fun and we really couldn't go much longer without needing lights. The snow covered ground cooled the air quickly and once the sun set, any wet spots were quickly turned to ice. I offer a picture from my less than adequate phone, for no other reason than to document the day and the piles of snow in the ditch.

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