Wednesday, February 6, 2008

First Blood

As an amateur cyclist, they tell you to keep a diary or record of your training, racing an whatnot. Having put it off for the past three seasons, I decided that this year would be different. However, instead of a diary that no one would be able to read, I decided to chronicle the 2008 season with a blog. Hopefully this would allow my friends and family to see what it is I have an addiction to and anyone else that might give a damn. Maybe it won't work out and I will be the worst blogger on the planet. Maybe I will crash out for the season next week in Arizona. Then again, maybe it will all go according to plan.

The sun is starting to stay longer in the sky, meaning that the snow will soon be melting and the days will soon be warming, despite the prediction for a deep freeze this weekend. Roads will soon be free of ice and willing to accept the thin rubber tires of my bike. It could be considered the beginning of the outdoor riding season, but living in the northwoods as I do, steps have been taken to secure a 70 degree windless day 365 days a year. The RealAxiom trainer I use has given me solid results over the past two winters and I am hoping this spring will again show the fruits of my labor.

I will never be the in a Grand Tour or the Mountain Bike World Championship, but there is a relief in knowing that. I can just settle in and have fun with my friends without giving up time with my wife and children and the other things I enjoy doing. "What were they again?"

For now I will see what this blog looks like and add to it as I prepare for the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. A race with old friends, cactus, cattle and cold beer. We won't win, but I challenge anyone to have more fun than us.